Meet Melissa Lanz

Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Hey, I'm Melissa. Nice to meet you! Talking about myself on about pages always makes me a bit nervous, but let's give you the basics with a twist.

Melissa Lanz Coaching: From Midwest Roots to SoCal Success

Born in the Midwest and blooming under the Southern California sun, I’ve transformed my life from snow to sunshine and boardrooms to my own business. After roles varying from a waitress to a corporate VP, I founded Melissa Lanz Coaching in 2010, a pivot that launched The Fresh 20 and changed the trajectory of my professional life.

With just a simple idea and $2,500, I nurtured this seed into an 8-figure success. When others asked how, The Subscription Lab was the natural answer.

Why Choose Melissa as Your Coach?

Expertise as an Experienced Business Coach

As an Experienced Business Coach, I've worn many hats: screenwriter, retail owner, chef, and corporate executive. This diverse background fuels my unique approach to subscription-based business coaching, tailored for female entrepreneurs who are ready to scale.

Guidance from a Women's Entrepreneurial Expert

I specialize in empowering women, providing you the tools, strategies, and insights to excel in today’s dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem. My role as a Women's Entrepreneurial Expert involves tapping into the core of your business needs and unlocking potential you might not have seen.

Get Inspired by a Proven Leader

Insights from an Inspirational Speaker for Entrepreneurs

Turn “maybe someday” into “I achieved it today.” Known as an Inspirational Speaker for Entrepreneurs, I share compelling stories that motivate and encourage action. My talks are designed to inspire you to overcome challenges and celebrate the successes that define entrepreneurial life.

Real Success Stories

I live in Southern California with my three boys—my two sons and my hubby—and our pug, Kingston. I love dark chocolate, guacamole, and champagne, but definitely not okra or mean people. I’m passionate about helping good people build profitable, recurring revenue streams that afford more freedom and choice.

Connect and Create Your Own Legacy

Whether you're a travel junkie, a healthy living advocate, or just someone looking to infuse your life with more business, wellness, or purpose, let’s chat. Visit or come say hi on IG where I share tidbits that could spark your next big idea.

I'm Melissa.

Nice to meet you.

About pages make me nervous.

I want to make a good impression without boasting on about myself so here's the basics...

I'm a Midwest gal who moved to Southern California my freshman year of high school. I don't miss the snow.

I've been a waitress, a call center operator, a television screen writer, a retail owner, a chef and a corporate VP. In 2010, I left behind my high paying job to start The Fresh 20, my simple subscription. It changed my life.

I started with a simple idea and $2500 at my kitchen table and turned it into 8-figures in revenue (and counting).

People started asking me how I did it and The Subscription Lab was born.

I live in So Cal with my 3 boys (2 sons and the hubby) and a pug names Kingston.

I like dark chocolate, guacamole and champagne, in no particular order.